Body Shaming

Let us talk about body shaming in Panama by Martine

As I’m an immigrant I’ve been brought up with certain dress codes when you have a belly, you don’t wear a bikini when you have Cellulitis you don’t wear the tightest pants it’s better to cover it with big close black especially black always helping always helping always elegant always helps you to hide the extra few kilos

now then you start your life in Panama and I was so amazed you were what you feel like if you wanna wear a a belly free top and the tightest trousers, you can find you do that if you feel good you make the rest of the people feel good too about you. I love this attitude. Yes, you know the taxi driver tells you you’re fat woman but he means it in a totally cute way, not as it’s a judgment. But then it still shocks me a little bit.

But let me ask my friends what do you think about body shaming in school and in professional life and with your friends or non friends how do you feel about it here in Panama?

My opinion Itzel

There are people who are ashamed of their body, even in these times there are people who see you and judge you for your body or how you look.

It depends a lot on the attitude you reflect and how much or little you are interested in what others say.

In school and in your profession, at first, people judge you but once they know you, and share every day, they accept you as you are and how you look doesn’t affect you.

It’s interesting to hear your feelings by Estefany

In Panama it is very common to find plus size people. Personally, I always think that it is a topic that is approached with a lot of guilt and shame, which makes it difficult to have a broader perspective. Culturally, I am happy that women are not judged by their body, or that someone is spoken of in a derogatory way because of their appearance. appearance and how they look, but it is a topic that goes beyond that and it is important to talk about health and how it affects us. Even so, I think that in Panama it is something that people understand very naturally “it doesn’t matter what you look like, you are beautiful in every way.”

Body shaming in a Panama public high school by Dominique

In Panama, public schools have a uniform, it’s meant to mean that no one is above the other and we all wear the same. The schools are very strict about the wear of a uniform, the length of the skirt and the width of the pants. As we know, in Panama women are encouraged to wear short and tight things. However the school is very strict on the outfits one can wear. This wont stop girls from trying to shorten their skirts or guys from wearing tight pants, but the professors are strict and usually you would get dress-coded.

Students don’t usually say anything like body shaming. It’s not a very interesting topic for them as the young girls know they look good and won’t get affected by any comment from their colleagues.

Body positivity isn’t a topic here but you are still desirable for being plus sized, especially in the islands. With your classmates you would usually get criticism if you’re flat, meaning not being curvy, but teachers would call you obese if you’re a little chubby.

As you can tell, it’s a very double moral but panamanian women don’t care for those comments, they are the way they are and don’t let themselves be affected by anyone’s comments.